Balboa invitational workshops

The balboa invitational course entails monthly 2-hour workshops during the weekend. The workshops will combine regular classes (at intermediate/advanced level) with individual practice time. The different workshops will be lead by Swing in Rhythm's regular balboa teachers like Finn, Ellen and Joost. We will also make use of video material, peer feedback and guided self-practice exercises to create a productive learning environment for those dancers that need extra inspiration and challenge.


Class dates 2018

14 January
18 February
18 March
22 April
13 May

All from 1400 - 1600


Please note, this is an invitational workshop, designed for more advanced balboa dancers. Please only register for these classes if you have been invited by Ellen, Finn or Joost. If you haven’t been invited but you would like to join the course, please email balboa-invitational (at) swinginrhythm nl.