Guests from Belgium

On the 11th of May we are lucky to have two wonderful dancers from Belgium and Australia visit us for a few little workshops of solo jazz and Lindy Hop: Earanee and Joris!

Earanee Niedzwiecki - A lover of Satchmo and Nat King Cole since childhood, Earanee grew up with an ear for jazz, studying saxophone and jazz vocals at high school. While many flock to Lindy Hop for its high energy steps, it was the swingin’ tunes that reeled Earanee into the dance world in 2010.

She soon began following her love of swing dance around the globe, leaving her home of Adelaide, Australia to dance extensively in both Europe and the US. Now a seasoned instructor with experience teaching and competing both in Australia and abroad, Earanee’s classes are all about rhythm, sharing, and encouraging individual creativity.

Joris Focquaert - comes from Ghent, Belgium. He discovered the Lindy Hop in Copenhagen when he was studying at the Commedia School for mime & physical theatre. A background in the art of clowning, he takes his unique expressivity to his social dances & performances, forming his attitude towards the dance. In class, Joris tries to share his best of ideas. He is one of the starting figures of swing dance school 'Crazy Legs' (Ghent) & vernacular Jazz dance troupe 'the Dipsy Doodles'. Today he is a busy working dancer in Belgium & abroad, next to studying the Jazz trombone.


Schedule 11th of May

11:15 - 13:15 Lindy Hop Invitational (What is this? read more about it here)
14:30 - 15:30 Solo Jazz with Joris
15:35 - 16:35 Solo Jazz with Earanee
16:45 - 18:45 Lindy Hop Blue and above

Blue and above (2h) - You have been dancing for at least one year or more, are familiar with the fundamentals of Lindy Hop and Charleston, including figures such as the swing-out and Tandem Charleston, and can use these moves in social dancing. You are often found on the social dancefloor and your basics are solid, but you know that the devil is in the details (and that's why you are here, right?)!"


Registration will open on: (date to be confirmed!) Sunday the 21st of April (2019), 20:00, via!