No need to stop dancing when the temperature is rising! During summer we offer you an exciting dance programme on many different topics and dance styles. You can pick and choose the ones you like! Registration will be via Lindyplus. 
please note - to ensure that we have a smooth process to fill the classes, all tickets wil go onto the waiting list until enough participants have signed up for the class to go ahead.

All classes are in studio 40 unless otherwise stated.

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Make sure you read the level descriptions carefully and choose the lesson that fits your level.

      If you are a complete beginner, check out our 'Intro to Lindy Hop - learn to swing in an hour', class, this are for you!


Learn to Swing dance in an hour!

Absolute beginners

Looking for a creative, energetic, uplifting partner dance style?! Lindy hop may just be your thing! The dance was first originated in the African American community of Harlem in New York City, during the 1930's and was danced to the jazz music that emerged at that time. It's popular worldwide for it's dynamic style and the joy it provides to those who dance it!  Curious? Come along to our try-out, we'll help you to dance some basic steps, give you a feeling of this wonderful jazz dance and leave you wanting to learn more!


Tuesday 13th August

Time: 19.30 - 20:30 hr
Price: 10 euro

Teachers: Becky & Jeroen

Partnered dancing

Switching in Lindy Hop

Blue & above

Whether you've started your swing dance career as a lead or a follow, you'll surely agree that it's awesome to be able to dance both those roles. Especially in the course of one dance! This lesson will feature two awesome parts.

1. Dance the other role** Become Ambidancetrous! An important part of switching is obviously dancing a role you may be less familiar with. We'll make sure you get enough chance to become acquainted with the other role before we explore some technique for switching.

2. Switching on the fly** We have techniques and pointers for both follows and leads to allow for easier switching while dancing and several specific moves you can alter to switch from and to either role smoothly.


Date: Thursday 15th August

Time: 19.30 -21.30 hr
Price: 20 euro
Teacher: Lucien & Wouter


All levels 
We mustn't forget our good manners on the social dance floor, of course. But amongst friends, however, you may occasionally be guided by playfullness and want to sneak in, interrupt a dance and steal a partner. This commonly happens in birthday jam circles. Both leads and follows can replace a dancer mid-dance and steal a partner. In this class, we'll explore some techniques to do this smoothly and elegantly so as to surprise your partner and have a great laugh doing it.

 Date: Tuesday 30th July
 Time: 1930 - 2100
Price: 15 euro

Teacher: Luciën, Wouter & Renata


Blue & above

While most of are accustomed to a more relaxed and east coast style, on the US west coast in the 40's a rather different style of Lindy Hop dancing emerged, more in line with how Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan would dance. The emphasis is on counterbalance and it's exciting!

Date: Tuesday 16th July

Time: 19.30 -21.00
Price: 15 euro
Teacher: Luciën & Lucia


Slow bal

All levels 

This summer Deirdre and Luciën are our guest teachers from Slowfeet Studio to teach us some Slow Bal at Swing in Rhythm. They will introduce you to this almost forgotten gem of a dance! Slow Bal, short for Slow Balboa, has a lovely relaxed flow. This introduction class is open to everyone who wants to move to slower tunes, exploring a completely new tempo range of swing music and learning about techniques for dancing slowly.

Here is an example of what you will learn during a 1,5 hour workshop:

Please note! This workshop is in studio 34.


Date: Tuesday 23rd July

Time: 19.30 -21.00 hr
Price: 15 euro
Teacher: Luciën & Deirdre


Solo in Lindy

Blue & above

It happens to everyone: you and your dance partner are having an amazing dance and then your hands slip in the middle of the swingout or tuckturn. Maybe your partner is feeling more adventurous and lets go on purpose.

Instead of frantically trying to reconnect, why not savour the moment and bust out some awesome solo moves? Solo doesn't have to mean you're dancing on your own, so inspire your partner and add another level to your dancing.

Date: Tuesday 20th August

Time: 19:30 - 21:00
Price: 15 euro
Teacher: Yuliya & Wouter


Balboa green 'refresher'

Balboa green and people who danced balboa a long time ago

Refresh your shuffles after summer! The last class was way to longago. Your memory is iffy. You don’t trust your muscle memory. Or you just want to revisit the basics (up- and downhold, come around, lollies, throwout, out and in's, swivels) in a couple of hours. In these two classes we will refresh your shuffle power!

Date: Monday 26th August

Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Price: 20 euro
Teacher: Melissa & Mark


Solo dancing


Tranky doo

All levels

Along with the Shim-Sham and the Big Apple, the Tranky Doo completes the holy trinity of the original swing-era jazz routines. It is most commonly attributed to Pepsi Bethel, and contains plenty of classic jazz moves, musicality and fun rhythms to play with. It's so versatile, once you know the Tranky Doo, you can throw it in anywhere! Over 3 lessons, Becky will teach you this awesome, classic routine.

 Dates: Thursday 4th July, Tuesday 9th July & Thursday 11th July

Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Price: 50 euro
Teacher: Becky


Shim Sham

All levels

Once Jimmy Lunceford's "'T Ain't What you Do" pops on, every Lindy Hopper knows: it's Shim Sham time! The routine is danced regularly during Lindy Hop parties; dancers forming a big circle or line and doing the same steps. In one hour, you'll be guided through the routine so you can join in next time!


Dates: Tuesday 6th August

Time: 19:00 - 20:00
Price: 10 euro
Teacher: Jeroen


Level up your Shim Sham

Knowledge of shim sham & some jazz experience

The Shim Sham is the most-danced and most accessible Jazz line dance, almost everyone knows the basic version of the routine. In this workshop we will go beyond the basic to make your Shim Sham shine like never before; Get ready for some fancy upper body grooves and new rhythms! You'll never dance the Shim Sham twice the same again!

Dates: Tuesday 6th August

Time: 20:00 - 21:30
Price: 15 euro
Teacher: Jeroen

Latin Swing

All levels

Start your summer with tropical tunes and happy vibes, and indulge your creativity learning new latin jazz moves!
Get those summer beats flowing, loosen those hips while learning a core set of solo moves to expand your rhythm repertoire.
Please note, you must take the first class to take the second class.


          Wednesday 10th July

          Wednesday 17th July

Time: 19:30 - 20:30
Price: 10 euro per class
Teacher: Natascha

Big apple intensive

All levels but solo experience preferred

Do you want to join the crowd busting the Big Apple in case the song comes on during the parties? Start getting ready already now and polish those jazz steps! The intensive course will give you a chance not only to learn the routine but also to become a better dancer.

Dates: Wednesday 17th July

          Wednesday 24th July

          Wednesday 31st July

          Wednesday 7th August

Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Price: 70 euro
Teacher: Julia

Big apple refresher

For Big Applers only!

The Big Apple refresher will give an opportunity to dancers who already know the routine and want to polish the steps, to go through the most difficult parts and add a touch of their own personal style.

Date: Wednesday 14th August

Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Price: 20 euro
Teacher: Julia

Shim Sham Shag

Want to do something a little different when it's time for the Shim Sham? Come try out the Shim Shag Sham! In this workshop we will teach you the shim sham with Collegiate Shag solo jazz variations.

Please note! This workshop is in studio 34.

Date: Thursday 11th July

Time: 19:30 - 20:30
Price: 10 euro
Teacher: Karsten