Teachers/Invitational workshops

To ensure that the quality of Swing in Rhythm lessons stay high and the teachers are challenged to keep learning and improving their own dance skills, we are introducing an advanced level in Rotterdam.

The workshops

Intended for SiR teachers, the lessons will be intensive sessions, a few hours long every few weeks on Saturday mornings. They will take place in a small group, focused on challenging material, advanced details and taught by inspiring instructors from out of town. 

Planned workshops: Past workshops:
6th of May - Earanee Niedzwiecki & Adam Brozowski 9th January, 2016 – Johnny Lloyd
  20th February, 2016 - Sarah Wastiaux and Hákon Bjarnason
  9th April, 2016 - Dolinde Van Beek and Praveen Raghuraman
   30th April, 2016 - Helena Verheyen and Joris Focquaert
  21st May, 2016 - Mike Schuuring
  25th June, 2016 - Johnny Lloyd
  10th December, 2016 - Selena Kruse & Joe Pace
  21st January - Sep Vermeersch & Alexia Legoueix
  25th of March 2017 - Johnny Lloyd
  29th April 2017 - Martin Lasthein & Minou Ericson
  24th of June - Joris Focquaert and Rein Robberecht
   3th September 2017 - Martin & Anita
  11th of November - Earanee Niedzwiecki & Adam Brozowski
  16th of December - Christina Loukaki & Alex Marinis


Interested to join?


If you are not teaching at Swing in Rhythm but you are interested to join the group, and you think you can dance and learn at a level comparable with that of SiR teachers, please send an e-mail to Jeroen at info @ swinginrhythm.nl with your motivation and dance experience. We have a small video exercise for those interested to join.  

We are not looking to learn new and fancy variations, instead, we want to focus on small details of our dance and make what we already know better. Among the people in the invitational level, we are looking for: 1) a deep understanding of the movement and technique, 2) self-awareness and body control, 3) willingness and openness to learn, give and receive feedback.




Registration for the upcoming workshop with Adam and Earanee will start on Monday 9th of April, 18:00.