Our next round of courses starts in the week beginning 3rd April 2023! See our News page for information about our ELEF courses - a New way of Learning!

Courses start in the week beginning 3rd April; registration opens at 18:00 on 10th March.

Swing in Rhythm vacation dates:

10th - 14th April - Easter holiday
27th April: Kings day
29th May: Pinksteren


  • Balboa beginners ELEF
    Melissa & Mark
  • Balboa intermediate
    Anne & Mark
  • Intermediate tap dance


  • Lindy Hop ELEF Absolute beginners
    Renata & Elmer
  • Lindy Hop ELEF Level 2
    Renata & Elmer


  • Lindy hop blue
    Elmer & Karina
  • Tranky doo (solo dance - 3,10, 17 May, each class 2 hours)

Wednesday (from 24th May onwards)

  • Lindy hop blue (continued)
    Karina & Elmer
  • Solo Jazz & Blues
  • Partnered Blues
    Lotte & Wouter


  • Lindy absolute ELEF level 2
    Becky & Elmer
  • Lindy Hop 3
    Becky & Elmer
  • Lindy Hop blue
    Becky & Elmer

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