Come 'Dance and Connect' with us!

Join our party on 14th May, and enjoy some swinging live tunes from Rotterdam favourites 'The Blue Ramblers'!

Connect with your fellow dancers, from the most seasoned Lindy hop veteran to the freshest newbie.

Connect with your dance partner, and see what you can create during this shared musical experience.

Connect with the music, and feel the rhythm deep in your bones!

From 1400 at Grounds.

To buy a ticket in advance (at the cheaper rate) please follow this link -

See you there!

A New Year, New Dancers - a New Way of Learning!

As of January 2023, our absolute beginner courses* will be taught with the 'ELEF' model:

Everybody leads, Everybody follows!

Why are we doing this?

No more waiting lists!

A common issue, particularly for follow dancers.

No need for a partner to join workshops!

Everyone gets an equal chance to join workshops.

No more imbalance in classes!

Everyone gets the chance to dance more often, without having to stand in a 'gap' in the circle.

More inclusivity & less reliance on outdated gender roles!

A more welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQ+ dancers.

Improved technique!

An understanding of both roles makes a person a better dancer.

More fun at social dances!

Being able to dance with everyone in the room, what could be more fun than that?

*Please note - the ELEF model will only be applied to the green absolute beginner lindy hop courses, and the balboa green level 2 course.
All higher level courses (lindy green 2, green 3, blue, etc) will continue with fixed roles, and as new students join in later terms, the ELEF role will be expanded to higher levels.