We're thrilled to announce that we're inviting the brilliant Natalia Rueda and Mike Sonder to Rotterdam to teach Lindy Hop for one night only!

During our Easter Break, Natalia & Mike will bring their knowledge and skills to Rotterdam to teach our Blue (and higher) level students on Wednesday 3rd April.

Both teachers have a wealth of experience and talent which they'd love to share.

Watch this space for more info about the themes of the class and the registration dates!

Photo credit below: Elmer Laan. Photo taken at Swing in Rhythm studio, Rotterdam

Swing Soirée! Sunday 3rd March

Save the date and join us for a Sunday full of dancing and merriment!

We'll be offering 3 workshops, each followed by a half hour break for practising, dancing and hanging out with your fellow dancers.

You'll learn how to dance slowly when the music chills out, how to dance solo when the music moves you, and how to quicken your dancing when the tempo speeds up!

Healthy snacks and drinks will also be provided, to keep your energy going.

All workshops are intended for absolute beginners or for those taking Swing in Rhythm lessons at green level, and all lessons will be taught using the 'ELEF' mode.


1100 - 1300: Slowbal taster

1300 - 1330: Eat, chat, dance!

1330 - 1500: Shim sham

1500 - 1530: Eat, chat, dance!

1530 - 1730: Charleston bootcamp


Slowbal taster - 20 euro

Shim Sham - 15 euro

Charleston bootcamp - 20 euro

Whole day (all three) - 50 euro

Registration opens on Monday 5th February at 1800!

Photo credit below: Yuliya Khadasevich. Photo taken at Harbour Hop, Rotterdam.

A new way of Learning!

As of January 2023, all of our green level courses* will be taught with the 'ELEF' model:

Everybody leads, Everybody follows!

Why are we doing this?

No more waiting lists!

A common issue, particularly for follow dancers.

No need for a partner to join workshops!

Everyone gets an equal chance to join workshops.

No more imbalance in classes!

Everyone gets the chance to dance more often, without having to stand in a 'gap' in the circle.

More inclusivity & less reliance on outdated gender roles!

A more welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQ+ dancers.

Improved technique!

An understanding of both roles makes a person a better dancer.

More fun at social dances!

Being able to dance with everyone in the room, what could be more fun than that?

*Please note - at the moment, the ELEF model will only be applied to the green lindy hop courses, and the green balboa course.
The blue courses will continue with fixed roles*, and as new students join in later terms, the ELEF role will be expanded to higher levels.

*When taking the balboa blue course, it is possible to choose if you'd like to lead, follow or switch; simply inform the teachers before registering to help keep the class balance.
At this time, Lindyplus does not support a 'switch' option when registering, so you'll need to choose a role when registering onto the course, even if you intend to switch.
Apologies for the inconvenience.