A new way of Learning!

As of January 2023, all of our green level courses* will be taught with the 'ELEF' model:

Everybody leads, Everybody follows!

Why are we doing this?

No more waiting lists!

A common issue, particularly for follow dancers.

No need for a partner to join workshops!

Everyone gets an equal chance to join workshops.

No more imbalance in classes!

Everyone gets the chance to dance more often, without having to stand in a 'gap' in the circle.

More inclusivity & less reliance on outdated gender roles!

A more welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQ+ dancers.

Improved technique!

An understanding of both roles makes a person a better dancer.

More fun at social dances!

Being able to dance with everyone in the room, what could be more fun than that?

*Please note - at the moment, the ELEF model will only be applied to the green lindy hop courses, and the green balboa course.
The blue courses will continue with fixed roles*, and as new students join in later terms, the ELEF role will be expanded to higher levels.

*When taking the balboa blue course, it is possible to choose if you'd like to lead, follow or switch; simply inform the teachers before registering to help keep the class balance.
At this time, Lindyplus does not support a 'switch' option when registering, so you'll need to choose a role when registering onto the course, even if you intend to switch.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Photo credit above: Yuliya Khadasevich. Photo taken at Harbour Hop, Rotterdam.