Our course levels

At Swing in Rhythm, the different courses are labelled by colours. We currently have green, blue, and yellow groups.

At green level, you’ve just discovered Lindy Hop, and you are overwhelmed, amazed and enthusiastic about this world of swing dance!

Here you will get a taste of the basics that will give you all you need to start social dancing and improvising.

Once you've completed the absolute beginners green course, you will be invited to take lindy hop beginners 2 and lindy hop beginners 3.
These will really introduce you to the important concepts in lindy hop - rhythm, self expression, improvisation, as well as some figures like some the swing out and charleston.

When you have completed green courses and are comfortable with the basics, you will be invited to join the blue level. Occasionally, when a student could benefit from a little more work on the basics, they will be invited to take a course a second time, to really cement these elements in their dancing, before moving onto the blue level.

The blue level courses sometimes have themes, which give a loose structure to the lessons. Themes have covered topics such as 'rotations & connection', 'classically inspired steps & conversation', or 'rhythms & playfulness'. There might be two or three blue courses per week in the schedule, in which the material will be equally challenging. Therefore, you can choose the day that is most suitable for you, or perhaps take more than one blue course at a time!

The blue level will be your group until you are invited to join the yellow group by your teachers. This is usually around a year, but could take a shorter or longer time, depending on the amount of courses you take, and more importantly, if you practice and social dance regularly. If you would like to take it easy (no time for extra practicing, social dancing, listening to swing music), you can choose to enjoy just a lesson once a week and continue attending the blue lessons for longer.

At Lindy Yellow you are very comfortable with all the basics including the swingout (also to the faster tempos), are confident and subtle in your movement and are able to dance in a way that flows freely, without feeling like you are simply executing some figures - you are really dancing!

At yellow, besides the lessons, you have already been regularly social dancing and practicing and are comfortable with some solo movement and jazz steps. You are comfortable playing around on the dancefloor with your partner and you respond to the music in your dancing. The tempo of the lessons and the music will increase and the material will be more challenging.