Registration for September 2024 classes will open in August!

Registrations for lessons

You do not need a partner to register for the lessons. Solo jazz is danced alone; Lindy Hop and Balboa are social partner dances. Thanks to our 'ELEF' policy, it's not necessary to choose a role when registering. The courses are filled up on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Our higher level lessons (blue and above) do not have the 'ELEF' method just yet, meaning that we need a (more or less) equal amount of leaders and followers to pair up during the lessons, but partners change all the time, so you will not be dancing with the same person all the time.
In this case, when we have more leaders or followers registering for a course, your registration will go to the waiting list first. Once we have more dancers from the opposite role register, you will receive an email confirming your spot in the course and information on how to complete your registration.

Enjoying the partner connection

In our classes we rotate partners, which means we practice with different people throughout the lesson. As these are social dances where partner conversation and improvisation is at the heart of the dance, dancing with many different partners is the best way to learn how to swing dance and a great way to meet new people.

In partner dancing we communicate with our partner via a physical connection, by placing a hand on the partners back or shoulder, for example. Since you will be physically connecting to another person in class, please make sure to respect everyones personal boundaries: always ask if other person would like to dance and practice with you and check in with your partner if they are comfortable before and during connecting and dancing.

If someone asks you to dance or practice and you feel uncomfortable dancing with them, it is always okay to say no or to ask your partner to change their connection. At SiR we place strong value on providing a comfortable and safe environment for our students, so we also encourage you to express any concerns you may have to your teachers, both during or outside of class.

Find the right course for you

To select a course that is suitable for you, take a look at an overview of the levels to sign up for, and check the schedule. If you have never danced Balboa or Lindy Hop, Lindy Hop ELEF absolute beginners (for Lindy Hop) or Balboa beginners 1 (for Balboa) are the right courses for you to choose from. If you are currently not taking lessons with Swing in Rhythm and have Lindy Hop dance experience, please contact us to see if it's better for you to take classes at a higher level.

Register here!

Lindy.Plus helps us with registrations. To sign up for a course, you will have to:

1. Have a Lindy.Plus account. Follow this link to create an account.

2. (For levels higher then green) Pre-register as a student of Swing in Rhythm, and give us a few days to assign your account with your colour. Follow this link and look for a red button with the text 'pre-register now!'. If you are not new to Lindy Hop, but new to our school or Lindy Plus - drop us an email to info @ to let us know of your dancing experience.*

3. If you like to register as a couple, you will need a Lindy.Plus ID of your partner. Follow this link to read more on how to register as a couple. Note! Everyone still changes partners during the lessons, couple registration only helps to pass the waitinglists when you want to be in one group with your partner.

4. Register for a course of your choice by purchasing a ticket, follow this link

*A note about registering for balboa - At the end of the last block we asked you a few questions regarding the Balboa blue classes.Thank you for your feedback. We used this feedback to come up with a construction which we hope makes you happy.
If you'd like to register for Balboa blue:
You can choose to either stay in your role of preference or to switch between leading & following in class.
If you'd like to switch roles during classes, you need to know the basics (equivalent to the green level course) in both roles. If necessary you can take some private lessons to catch up, or if you prefer, you can register for the green course.
Lessons will be given at the tempo of the average dancer in the class. So if the tempo is too high for you, you might consider joining the Balboa green course instead.
For the more experienced dancers we'll give an extra challenge during classes.
If you'd like more of a challenge you can register for our monthly workshops. In these workshops we'll work on a specific theme, or invite experienced guest teachers.