The next round of courses will begin in the week beginning 6th January 2020.

Registration for these courses opens on 15th of November at 1800!

Courses are normally 12 weeks (12 hourly lessons). You can find information about sign up at the registration page. If you have never taken a swing dance course, Swing Basics 1 or Balboa Green are the courses for you. 

Swing in Rhythm vacation dates

13th to 16th April - week off for Easter - no classes
27th April - Kingsday - no classes

6 January 2020 -  26 March 2020


Studio 1 (Willem Buytewechstraat 40)
Studio 2 (Willem Buytewechstraat 40)





16:00 - 18:00, 22nd & 29th Feb, 7th & 14th March:

The Roffa Ramble (solo)***- Wouter




*The Swing Society - Join us for this crazy dance experiment! Formerly the Factory of Swing, this course is named after the Swedish dancers who were involved in the Swing Revival of the 1980's. Wouter & Lucia have not yet revealed the details of what's in store, but rest assured it will be surprising, exciting and a challenge! Suitable for levels Blue & Above.

** Jazz Lab - This Jazz Lab course will be a special one! Historically, the social dance floors where full of people solo dancing in duos or bigger groups. The aim of this mixed-level course is to connect and have fun with fellow Jazz dancers on the dance floor in different social dance formats, regardless of your Jazz experience. We'll work on classic Jazz steps and routines, dancing fundamentals and tools to create/shape your personal style. And guess what, did you know that all the aforementioned will also turbocharge your Lindy Hop? See you there!

***Roffa Ramble  - A while ago, our beloved Roffaswing crowdfunded a project and paid for an original Jimmy Lunceford tune, 'Strictly Instrumental', to be transcribed for the first time. In honour of this, we have created a routine for this song and for the Rotterdam swing dance scene - 'The Roffa Ramble'! The goal is to have as many people learn it, dance it, have fun with it and represent the Rotterdam scene. This 3 week course will be challenging, hard work and of course, fun! During this course you will learn a larger vocabulary of moves and rhythms to work with and feel more confident in your solo dancing.
You can see the routine here -