Swing in Rhythm will be offering some special short summer classes - we're so happy to be dancing again!

Following a phone call to the RIVM for clarification, the lessons only take place under certain conditions:

  • We will only dance with one fixed partner and not touch others
  • If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus, you need to stay home
  • We have to observe the 1.5 metre rule as much as possible
  • Space is limited because of the 1.5 metre distance so there are fewer spots in class

Below is the schedule for July - August will follow soon!

Courses start on 6th July.
All of these 4 week courses will cost 40€ per person.

Registration will open on Monday 29th June at 1800 and you must register WITH a partner!

6th July - 30th July


  • Balboa yellow
    Ellen & Joost


  • Solo course - Tranky doo
  • Lindyhop green (not absolute beginners!)
    Becky & Wouter



  • Lindyhop blue
    Yulia & Jeroen
  • Lindyhop yellow
    Yulia & Jeroen

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