Swing in Rhythm will now be offering 12-week courses from September till December - we're so happy to be dancing again!

Following a phone call to the RIVM for clarification, the lessons only take place under certain conditions:

  • We will only dance with one fixed partner and not touch others
  • If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus, you need to stay home
  • We have to observe the 1.5 metre rule as much as possible
  • Space is limited because of the 1.5 metre distance so there are fewer spots in class

Below is the schedule for September!

We will also be offering two beginner aerials workshops on Sept 27th with some special guests from Swing Shakers in Tilburg!
See our News page for more information.

Courses start in the week beginning 14th September.
All of these 12 week courses will cost 120€ per person.

Registration will open on Monday 31st August at 1800 and for all partnered courses you must register WITH a partner, with whom you will be dancing during the whole course!

If you are new to Lindy Hop - join our green Grasshopper Lindy Hop course for absolute beginners!

14th September - 3rd December


  • Balboa practice (all levels)
    Ellen & Joost
  • Lindy Hop yellow
    Julia & Joost (starts 28th sept)


  • Lindy Hop blue - 'expression and improvisation'
    Becky & Jeroen
  • Jazz Lab


  • Lindy classics & swing outs
    Becky & Renata
  • Lindy hop blue - 'Breaking free'
    Becky & Wouter
  • Lindy hop green Grasshopper (for absolute beginners!)
    Becky & Wouter


  • Lindy Hop green Grasshopper (for absolute beginners)
    Karina & Jeroen
  • Tap

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