The length of a course

Our regular courses are 12 lessons long, and have different colours to denote different levels. Our first courses are green. If you are interested in learning Balboa, for example, you will start with Balboa Green. If you are interested in Lindy Hop, Lindy Hop 'green Grasshopper' is the course to start with and will be followed by either 'Lindy Classics & Swingouts' or the 'Fast Dancing & Charleston' (or both if you are very enthusiastic!) in the following next round.

No dancing experience?

You are welcome to join us! Check the lesson schedule - the next block of 12 weeks should be starting soon, just pick one of the courses that say: Lindy Hop green Grasshopper (for Learning Lindy Hop), or Balboa Green (for learning Balboa). There might be more beginner groups during the same time period, but it takes place only once a week. You should choose the day of the week for your class before signing up and that will be the group you will attend.

Our coloured course levels

At Swing In Rhythm, the different courses are labelled by colours. We currently have green, blue, and yellow groups.

Read more about the levels

What to expect

In our classes we rotate partners, which means we practice with different people throughout the lesson, as these are social dances where partner conversation and improvisation is at the heart of the dance.

It's also fairer to rotate as not everyone comes to classes with a partner, so when we rotate, we get to meet our classmates, and also ensure that everyone gets to dance with different partners during the class.

Please make sure when you come to class that you are clean and fragrant – a pleasure to dance with for your partner!

If necessary, please bring a spare t-shirt and some deodorant with you. Breath mints can also be nice, if you had a particularly spicy meal!

In partner dancing we communicate with our partner via a physical connection.

Please make sure to respect each others personal boundaries: always ask if other person would like to dance and practice with you and check in with your partner if they are comfortable before and during connecting and dancing.

If someone asks you to dance or practice and you feel uncomfortable dancing with them then you don't have to do so, and it's not necessary to give a reason.

At SiR we place strong value on providing a comfortable and safe environment for our students, so we also encourage you to express any concerns you may have to your teachers, both during or outside of class.

After the class, you can expect to receive a small video recap – this will contain a youtube video of the lesson material of that week (if applicable!) so you can keep track of your learning.

The recap will also contain information about upcoming social dances or fun events for you to consider!

If you would like to more about what to expect on the dancefloor, read this blog on the website of our friends at Roffaswing (and written by a Swing in Rhythm teacher)

Can't wait to start?

If the next round of classes is coming up, be quick, because classes fill up fast.
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