Our Policies and Agreements

Swing in Rhythm has an equal opportunities policy.
Individuals are treated fairly and without discrimination based on (but not limited to) the following – age (our age limit is the exception), physical or mental disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, belief, physical attributes, background or culture.

You must be aged 18 or over to be a student at Swing in Rhythm.

Swing in Rhythm has a privacy policy according to the AVG-law.
The personal data we collect are used for the registration of the classes and all communication, such as newsletters and recaps, prior, during and after the classes.

Damage and loss
Swing in Rhythm is not responsible for any injuries, personal damage or loss during the classes.
Lost-and-found items will be guarded for the lenght of a course and can be reclaimed at the studio.

In the event you wish to receive a refund, we will ask you to instead accept a voucher for the same value, to be used later in the year. If this cannot be arranged, you are encouraged to find someone else to take your place.

Failing these options, we will offer you a 75% refund of your ticket price.

Students can cancel their course up to 1 week before classes start and in this case will be offered a voucher to be used at a later date.

Other situations can be looked at by the student coordinator on an 'ad hoc' basis, and advice can be sought from other members of the board if required.

Registering alone or as a couple
After signing up as a single lead we will match you to a single follow from the waitinglist, and vice versa. After that you cannot register as a couple with someone else anymore, when we already made another follow happy.

Want to know more about our policies?
If you want to know more about our policies please contact us at info@swinginrhythm.nl